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Genetic Connective Tissue Disorders 101, Part 1

Most people have never heard of connective tissue disorders (after all, they are rare diseases!), so today  I’m explaining what they are, how they affect people, and how to tell if you have one.  And since I have one, hopefully this will help put my other chronic illness posts into context.  And if you have… Continue reading Genetic Connective Tissue Disorders 101, Part 1

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Keeping Perspective with Chronic Illness

Many days, the misery from all the pain and other difficulties associated with chronic illness can be overwhelming!  This TED talk by Dr. Amit Sood discusses simple habits that can help us keep things in perspective and find time to appreciate the good things that still happen in spite of the illness.   ❤ The… Continue reading Keeping Perspective with Chronic Illness

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Two Molasses Smoothie Recipes

I’ve had a ton of smoothies lately thanks to a jaw pain flare-up.  The other day out of boredom with the usual fruit flavors, I remembered that molasses exists!  Here are the recipes for two of my current favorite smoothies: Molasses & Malt Smoothie Ingredients: milk (about 1 cup) malt powder (about 1 Tbsp)                                                                                                               olive… Continue reading Two Molasses Smoothie Recipes