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New Display Name!

Important news, everyone!!

As of April 10th, 2017 my display name for this blog will no longer be The Phoenix.  It will be changed to The Bookish Crafter.

Why?  A month ago, I decided to get a Twitter account so that I could participate in a BookTube readalong.  The Phoenix turned out to be a bad display name on Twitter because there were already way too many people with that name.

After a bit of brainstorming to find something unique that suits my personality, I came up with the name The Bookish Crafter.  I like it much better than The Phoenix since it seems to fit the subjects of my blog a little better, so I want to use it for all of my online life. (Consistency makes things less confusing, right?)

Photo by Andreas Fuchs.  From Pixabay.

I’ve already changed the display name on my YouTube and Pinterest accounts, but I wanted to take the time here at my blog to explain the change, and make sure everyone following my blog is aware of it.  Keep in mind that the name of my blog, Jelly-like Joints, and the URL of my blog,, will not change.

And yes, I’m planning to get back to the “real” blog posting soon! 😀  My health has been worse than usual lately.  It seems that I probably have sleep apnea (or something similar) quite badly, and naturally it is taking forever to get through the diagnosis process.  But there are a couple of new posts on the way! And I will still do occasional blog posts about chronic illness.

In the meantime, if you want you can follow me on Twitter.



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